Hand in Hand with Ukraine

Developing hand therapy skills and knowledge in a war zone

Why is this project important?

Ukrainian hospitals are managing thousands of extensive hand injuries sustained during the war which started in February 2022.  There are no specialist therapists in Ukraine to help maximise outcome for these victims.  This initiative provides knowledge, skills and support for the therapists of Ukraine.  The ultimate aim is to maximise outcomes for those victims of war affected by hand injuries and build professional knowledge for the healthcare professionals on the ground.


Latest News

Website is launched

4 October 2022, 21:13

Our website is built.  This enables all healthcare professionals in Ukraine to access the back library of webinars and associated presentations and documents.  Sign up and join us

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The webinars launch in August 2022

30 August 2022, 19:47

The organising team were delighted to welcome over 30 people on each of the first two webinars in August 2022

Logo is designed

8 August 2022, 19:39

Within hours of the request, Nicola’s daughter designed this beautiful logo for us.  Thank you Miriam


Please register yourself on this website if you are a healthcare professional in Ukraine or treating Ukrainian refugees in your facility. Once we have approved your registration, you will have access to all the past webinars. We will also be able to send occasional newsletters informing you of our activities. We look forward to meeting you online.

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