Who We Are

Hand in Hand with Ukraine is an initiative launched by Nicola Goldsmith, Clinical Specialist Hand Therapist in London, UK.  Nicola continues to lead this project and is steering the activities of 2024.

In year one (2022 – 2023), Christy Fowler, Anna Andruishchuk, Iryna Kondrashova  and Andreii Lysak helped develop the scheme.  Simi Padmanabhan and Alexandra Baylis joined and hosted many of the webinars.  Many thanks to this team.

Year two (2023 – 2024) sees two initiatives.

  • Update and upload more information to the website including the missing webinars and supporting documents.  Volunteers Julia Schinner, Austria and Claire Paxman, UK
  • Live one week course (aiming for May 2024).  Volunteer Professor Nathan Short, USA

Ross Barnaby Treasurer.

Meet Our Team

Nicola Goldsmith


Nicola is a highly specialised hand therapist with clinical, managerial and business development experience

Christy Fowler


Christy is a clinical specialist hand therapist working at St Thomas' Hospital, London. Past Chair of BAHT

Anna Andriushchuk

Project coordinator, translator

Anna graduated from Mariupol University with a degree in Journalism, Social Media and Public Relations in 2022

Iryna Kondrashova

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialising in Hand Surgery. Currently based in London

Andrii Lysak

Consultant Hand Surgeon

Secretary, Ukrainian Hand Surgery Association

Ross Barnaby


UK qualified chartered accountant