Project Aims

  • To provide knowledge for therapists in Ukraine with an emphasis on practical skills
  • To improve the quality of outcome for Ukrainian citizens who suffer hand trauma
  • To provide Ukrainian hand surgeons the opportunity to explore this specialty
  • To ensure accessibility by translating the PowerPoint presentations into Ukrainian
  • To support the development of a hand therapy organisation in Ukraine in the future
  • To measure success by evaluating each webinar, by monitoring attendance numbers and intermittent feedback of effectiveness

Why it is important

Over the months since February 2022, Ukrainian citizens and military personnel have suffered many thousands of hand injuries.  In the absence of specialist therapists, HIHWU aims to provide educational support for therapists and doctors on the ground.  Forty webinars were held between August 2022 and August 2023.  Most of these can now be found on the website alongside the presentations themselves in English and Ukrainian.  Over the early part of 2024, further resources will be added by each of the topics.

Additionally, the plan is to deliver a one week course for Ukrainian therapists and key doctors in May 2024.  More details will appear here once applications are open.